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The Core
  1. Grum - Vocals, Guitars, Synths, Other Things
  2. R.P. - Trumpet
  3. The Rex - Alto Sax, Tenor Sax
  4. Doc - Ethical Guidance and Medication

Many long years ago, when time was but a concept, Grum & R.P. jammed on Santana's "Black Magic Woman" the day they met. This laid the foundation for a life-long friendship that has stood firm (often against all odds) in the face of distance, frightening personal opinions, lack of money and the 80's.

During a harrowing stint in the Public Service years later, Grum had the good fortune to meet up with The Rex and Doc, and was also lucky enough not to be reported to the authorities as an obvious threat to society by them.

With each of them bringing skills, ideas, friends and above all, vast energy into the arena, Older Than We Were was welcomed into the world as a collective entity worthy of nourishment, purely for the sake of the love of music.